Manor Lords: An Upcoming City-Builder With Medieval Battles

Source: Manor Lords: An Upcoming City-Builder With Medieval Battles The recently announced game is impressive for various reasons. It is the combo of the city builder and real-time combat style based on Total-War. The game is currently in Early Access. The developer of Manor Lords, Slavic Magic, unveiled the game’s trailer based on all-new strategies... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS

Source : Artificial Intelligence nowadays is a very popular concept in the science and technology field. With its assistance, you can complete your work in much less time. This is because AI automates your work across many industries so that you can do your work in less time. Here are 8 best Artificial Intelligence... Continue Reading →

Hanna’ Season 2 Episode 3: Hanna Loses Marissa And Clara Both

Source: In the third episode of the extremely popular show, ‘Hanna’, the protagonist Hanna tries to discover the area where The Meadows is located. She desperately wants to save her close friend Clara from the operatives of UTRAX. Right now the only way she can do this was by investigating Passway, which is a... Continue Reading →

Easy Tips to Use Lightroom for Editing Pictures

Source: Easy Tips to Use Lightroom for Editing Pictures Lightroom is a database-driven programming that consequently peruses picture metadata and composes data about each photo in another database known as “Catalog”. As pictures are imported, Lightroom has worked in usefulness to add extra data to each picture, permitting you to label pictures with explicit phrases,... Continue Reading →

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